what is doppelscope
Doppelscope is an abstract puzzle game that is all about the invisible relations things have to another. The game can also be considered an experimental playground and simulation our world.

Doppelscope is divided into small cubical worlds. The goal in each world is to restore a given misbalance by reconnecting and moving the things presented in the world. Of course the solution isn't always the obvious one and there is plenty of room for experimentation.


How to play Doppelscope
Simple: all interactions are being done by clicking and dragging the mouse. The rest is up to you to find out.


Where can I play Doppelscope
Doppelscope is currently under heavy development for the Independant Game Festival 2010. Altough I'm not happy with a lot of things and the game is nowhere near complete, the most recetn version of Doppelscope can be downloaded here:

If you want to leave feedback you can do so by emailing me or by following my twitter feed which is mostly about the development of doppelscope.


Who made doppelscope
Doppelscope was originally developed by Tobias Baumann as the final project of a game design bachelor degree at the Zurich university of the arts. Doppelscope won the Unity Awards 2009 in the category Best Visual Design. It is now still in development for the for the Independant Game Festival 2010.


Doppelscope (c) 2009